Concept Based Mandala

Concept Based Mandala is just a way to communicate my art form wherein I draw a Mandala write a quote as well as give a brief explanation related to the concept.

Gautam Buddha Mandala❤️

Positivity and negativity are phases of life what defines you is where you focus.
Good & bad things are meant to happen in life just focus on your goal. Don't let success get to your head & don't let failure stop you.🤷🏻‍♀️

Albert Einstein Formula's Mandala❤️

Insanity is doing the same thing over & over again & expecting different results.
Albert Einstein Formula was a person who was told by people that he was mental but just see the irony of life his brain 🧠 has been still preserved and studied by so many scientists & also theory of relativity is being studied by so many people.
In short, World is going to always show you are worth nothing by just saying you can't do this or that. But you need to concentrate on your goal and stop listening to others who can't support you.

Break Up Mandala❤️

Break It Up Or Get

Yourself Trapped 💔

Do what you want to do. No matter what people think just end something which gets toxic in your life. Don't wait for something big to happen If you feel like ending for a silly reason go ahead otherwise in the future you will be trapped where you want to leave but you can't leave and at that point, you have to stay in a relationship just because there will be some more responsibilities and now there will be no turning back.